Rockyview Lacrosse

Team Manager Resources

Game Reporting and Team Operations

Team Manager Duties:
Each team requires a manager (Tyke and up). This individual will work with the coaches and other parents to oversee the administration of the team and will need to provide a police check RVLA Police-check-letter. The purpose of this role is to ensure the smooth operation of the team and allow the coaches to concentrate on the lacrosse activities. At the start of the season you will be able to access your team’s information via your member login (username and password) once you have been linked to your appropriate team.  You will also be able to view what each parent has signed up for and whether it has been completed (ie: evaluators etc.).  Rockyview encourages the team manager to be responsible for the behind the scenes responsibilities and activities including but not limited to:

  • Liaison between the coach and parents
  • Organizing exhibition games, tournaments, extra floor time (if desired)
  • Relaying floor times to the parents
  • Working with the coach and parents on planning any other team activities
  • Organizing box duties – scorekeeper, game clock, and 30 second shot clock
  • Submitting game sheets into SportzSoft and mailing in the originals
  • Keeping track of the volunteer commitments of the parents and submit to the registrar at the end of the season.
  • If you have any parents that are not volunteering as required, you can remind them that their cheque will be cashed if the volunteering is not completed.

At the beginning of the lacrosse season the team coach and manager should agree on a division of duties, following the principles shown above. The manager should not try to do take on all the duties; DELEGATE!!! It is best to delegate as much as you can but still remain in close contact to ensure delegated duties are completed in a timely manner.

Below are links to important and helpful resources to help team managers answer questions and aid in reporting.