Rockyview Lacrosse

Jr B Tier 2

Junior is the age group for players that are 17 to 21 years old. When players reach Junior, they move from ‘minor’ lacrosse to ‘major’ lacrosse.

After completion of the Midget level of minor lacrosse, players move on to the “Junior Program” for young men and women wanting to continue with the game of lacrosse (players aged 17 to 21).  The Junior Division in the Province of Alberta is governed by the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Association (“RMLL”), the lacrosse organization in Alberta that oversees Major lacrosse.

Our Rage Junior B Tier II league.

Jr “B” Tier 2 is a level of Junior box lacrosse in Alberta.  The Junior “B” Tier II league is a stepping stone for players pursuing a position on the Junior “B” Tier I teams.  The Junior “B” Tier 2 and Tier 3 divisions of the RMLL allow players to (a) continue in lacrosse and (b) develop their skills if they wish to evolve to the highly competitive Junior “A” or Junior “B” Tier 1 divisions.   Depending on the Season, there are between sixteen and twenty teams in the Tier II level of Junior “B” in Alberta. The Division is split into a North and South Division and during the regular season, teams in a division play the other teams in their division twice, once at home and once away. This level absorbs the majority of Graduating Midgets and serves as a very important training league for skilled players wishing to pursue the game of box lacrosse to their fullest potential.

All the Junior “B” levels require commitment, skill and a desire to continue learning the game of box lacrosse.

Jr B Tier II Lacrosse Overview:

  • Between 14 and 18 games;
  • 20-25 players per team;
  • Travel within the Northern and Southern Divisions;
  • Participation in Provincial playoffs
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