Rockyview Lacrosse


Novice is for players aged 9 and 10 yrs old as of December 31 of current year.

Novice Overview:

Novice Coordinator is Jon Cullen.

  • Regular box rules apply
  • Playing with the 30-second shot clock
  • Novice is played in “like skilled” groups for the CDLA
  • All teams play a 10 Game Regular Season and are guaranteed at least 2 playoff games.
  • Playoffs are played to determine city champions and are held after the regular season schedule.
  • Players on Floor:  5 x 5
  • Floor:  Full Floor
  • Nets:  4 x 4
  • Training Time:  5 min warm-up
  • Game Time:  3 – 12 min. run periods
  • Face-Off:  Yes
  • Shifts:  Equal Participation
  • Contact:  Full Contact
  • Penalties:  CLA Rules Apply
  • Officials:  Yes
  • Score:  +5 goals not displayed
  • Balls:  CLA Approved
  • Goalies:  Yes

Novice “Like Skilled Grouping” Pilot Project

At the 2016 ALA AGM, the CDLA brought forth a proposal to make the Novice division no longer parity and go back to like skilled grouping.  We discussed how the ALA’s decision to go to parity years ago has affected kids going into Peewee’s tiered format.  The ALA agreed to the pilot project for 2 years, with Edmonton (GELC) showing the same interest!  The purpose: To enhance and improve the experience of our novice players, families and coaches by grouping players into three separate skill groupings (similar but different to tiered).  The goal for this change is three-fold.  So how will this change affect the kids?  Here is a breakdown of what to expect.

  • This change will better allow for ALL of our novice players to develop and avoid top players spending all the time with the ball while newer players rarely touch the ball. There is an immense skill gap between players at this age (a player who may have five or six years of box and field under his belt compared to a kid who just picked up a stick) and it’s not fair to them or the coaches under the old model
  • Make coaching each grouping easier with a much smaller discrepancy in talent and skill. It will allow for easier planning of practice drills and season-long skill development goals
  • Make scheduling easier for the novice division, especially players.

Both of these changes used in conjunction — elimination of blanket parity while still retaining best aspects of parity within three groupings and adoption of place-and-push — will hopefully serve to make the experience more enjoyable for all the players, but especially that large grouping of new players we want to retain.


To reiterate, these are LIKE-SKILL GROUPINGS meant to borrow from the best aspects of tiered and parity to provide the best possible environment for skill development and to increase retention by making it more fun for all players.


  • This was the one drawback to the new CDLA model. In order for the ALA to approve this change for us to run in 2017, we promised none of our top Group 1 teams would attend novice tournaments in Alberta as their rosters would be too strong and would likely crush the competition. We will compile an out-of-province list of tournaments our clubs may want to attend at the A or comparable level. The CDLA will host tournaments to allow for this grouping
  • Our Group 2 teams can enter but they will not have the one or two A-calibre players the rest of the province will have on their parity teams.
  • Our Group 3 teams may or may not be competitive.  The CDLA will host some tournaments to allow for this grouping.